Section 1 – Eligibility
S1.0  Drivers must be registered and in good standing with ITZR in order to compete in any series. Entry fees must be paid prior to taking part in any event.

S1.1  Monday Night Late Model Shoot Series is INVITE only. Drivers may earn invites from LMSS experience, competing in the Tuesday Night Late Model Challenger, or having been accepted to other league’s invite only series.

S1.2  Tuesday Night Challenger Series is open to all new and returning drivers with the exception of; Previous LMSS winners, The Top-10 in the previous LMSS season’s final standings, the reigning Tuesday Night Challenger Series Champion.

S1.3  Admins will have final say in driver eligibility and may opt to move drivers out of the Tuesday Night Challenger Series to insure a competitive environment.

S1.4  Late Model Shootout Series Entry Fee is $10 per season. Late Model Challenger Series Entry Fee is $10 per season. Drivers competing in both series must pay both entry fee’

S1.5 Season contingency packs will be available for each series. Drivers must use the correct decal pack on their custom schemes. Failure to do so will result in penalties as outlined in section 3.

Section 2 – Race Formats
S2.0  In The Zone Racing is a Custom Fixed Setup League. Setups will not be provided to any competitor before Monday’s LMSS Practice. Fixed setups will be available Monday on discord for Tuesday night competitors to practice with.

S2.1  Practice sessions are 1 hour in length and will start with 0% usage. Usage will carry on throughout the rest of the night’s format. Weather will start with the setup builders recommended conditions, but dynamic sky will be used.

S2.2  Qualifying will be 2 Laps and 3 minutes of session time. iRacing’s “Strict” qualifying scrutiny will be used in all qualifying sessions.

S2.3  B-mains will follow qualifying and the number of transferring cars will be announced prior to each b-main. Twin b-mains may be used where car counts deem necessary.

S2.4  Warmup will be 2 minutes. Typically are broadcast has started at this point so it is important that drivers use the final warmup session to practice and refrain from crashing each other or acting unprofessional in any way.

S2.5  Feature events will have a random 6-10 car event as previously drawn by the admins. Qualifying bonus points will be awarded to negate sandbagging for the invert


Section 3 – Live Admins & Season Penalty System
S3.0 Live admins will determine the cause of each caution. The offending driver will be issued an “EOL” and will start at the end of the longest line. Admins may determine the caution to be a “Racing Incident” or “Netcode Incident” and issue no penalty. 

S.3.1. Admins may change the final running order of the feature event or b-main if it is determined that a driver caused an incident on the final lap. In the case of the B-main, admins may move an alternate into a transfer spot after penalizing the offending car. 

S3.2 Three “EOL”‘s in one race (Or two during a B-main/Heat) will result in an immediate disqualification from the race and admins will ask the offending driver to exit the track.

S3.3 Admins will review all incidents after the event and log season incident points. You can find the current penalties and points on our Penalty Box Page.

S3.4 A driver will receive 1 penalty point for each caution caused. A clean race without an EOL penalty will result in 1 point being removed from your race total. A half penalty point (.5) will be added for each caution caused within 5 laps of a restart. 

S3.5 Penalty points only apply to feature events. A DNQ or not qualifying from the B-main will not clear penalty points.

S3.6 One Penalty point will result in a warning issued. Two Penalty points will result in a driver facing an “EOL” Start at the next feature event they qualify for. If a driver reaches Three penalty points they will be suspended for one event. 

S3.7 Drivers must use the series contingency’s on their custom paint schemes. You can find these on the Download page of our website. New drivers will have 2 weeks of leeway before facing penalties for incorrect contingency’s. Drivers will receive no payouts or prizes after 3 weeks of incorrect contingency decals.  

S3.7 Additional penalties may be issued for intentional wrecking, voice chat abuse, retaliation, or an extreme amount of incident (INC) points being acquired in a single race.

S3.8 Intentional wrecking or retaliation will results an automatic 1 race suspension while new drivers may be removed from the series completely. 

Section 4 – Starts & Restarts
S4.0 All starts & Restarts are controlled by the race leader, the leader may start the race after the pace car leaves the race track and the leader has reached the apex of the final corner of the race track. 

S4.1 The leader must start in the traditional racing groove they have selected (IE. They may not select the inside but start from the top groove of the race track.) During a single file restart the leader must restart in a traditional race groove.

S4.2 The leader must maintain a consistent pace speed. Penalties will be issued if it is determined that the leader “brake checked” or reduced their speed prior to restarting the race

S4.3 The second place car may not beat the leader to the start/finish line. It is the responsibility of the second place car to make sure they do not jump the start or restart. Live admins may issue a penalty or ask the offending driver to give back a spot on a jumped start.

S4.4 There is no passing before the start finish line. Drivers may not attempt to pass the car ahead of them before the start finish line. This includes pulling alongside the car next to you. Drivers may receive an EOL penalty at the next caution or be asked to give back a spot due to a jumped start. 

S4.5 It is the responsibility of each driver to maintain a consistent pace speed and keep pace with the cars ahead of them coming to the green. If a wreck or yellow is caused by a driver changing their speed in order to time or lay back on a restart they will be deemed the cause of the incident and/or caution.

S4.6 Restarts will be double file unless a caution has been thrown prior to five green flag laps being completed from the initial start or previous restart. 

S4.7 B-mains/Heats will have one double file restart per race. All other restarts will be single file.  

S4.8 In the event of a single car incident where replay is not needed to determine fault, a “Quickie” caution may be called. 2 pace laps will be removed from the caution period. Drivers will be warned to not pit or reduce their pit time prior to the lap removal. 

Section 5 – Black Flags & Race Control
S5.0 Black Flags will be cleared by live admins when the situation warrants such clearing. Such as a car being spun into the pits, or receiving a passing under yellow penalty to avoid a incident on a start or restart.

S5.1 Black flags will never be cleared for cutting course penalties. Wall riding, or other penalties issued for competitive advantages.

S5.2 Black flags will never be cleared in qualifying.

S5.3 Passing under yellow black flags will be cleared when a driver is trying to pit or maintain pace with the field and other cars are lagging behind. 

S5.4 The lucky dog will be controlled by iRacing and iRacing only. Live admins will not determine contact for fault and issue lucky dogs manually.

S5.5 Wave arounds will be issued by admins in the following situations only; 
5.5A: A driver is caught behind the pace car, but is ahead of the leader. Admins will issue this wave around to allow the driver the ability to pit. 
5.5B: You are involved in a caution and lose a lap due to the field passing by under caution. It is the drivers duty to lock their car down and reduce damage to passing cars after a wreck. If you lose a lap trying to turn around or rejoin the track you will be waved back onto the lead lap. 

Section 6 – Voice Chat
S6.0 All iRacing sporting code rules apply to in race voice chat.

S6.1 Abuse of other drivers or live admins will result in penalties

S6.2 Penalties for voice chat abuse will be an EOL Start and season long probation for a first offense. A second offense may result in suspension from ITZR.

Section 7 –  Protests
S7.0 All cautions and eol’s are automatically reviewed by the admins after each event. No in race review will take place. Once an EOL has been issued there will be no arguing the call. 

S7.1 If issues occur between drivers please reach out to a race admin via iRacing chat, Discord, Facebook or other means. Any driver may file a protest with another driver. Please bring aggressive driving, intentional wrecking, jumped starts or other poor driving to our attention for review. 

S7.2 Drivers may request a review of the final lap or restart after a race. If you feel a driver caused an incident or jumped a final restart please bring it too the attention of the admins immediately following a race. 

Section 8 –  Points System
S8.0 Two drop weeks will be available for each driver. A drivers 10 best points scoring events will count to their season total.

S8.1 The top 5 in qualifying will earn bonus points as noted below;

Quick Time: 5 Points
2nd Quick: 4 Points
3rd Quick : 3 Points
4th Quick: 2 Points
5th Quick: 1 Point

S8.2 Drivers who attempt the b-main but do not transfer into the feature will receieve next place points. (IE, feature starts 24 drivers, all b-main non transfers earn 25th place points)

S8.3 Drivers who do not attempt to qualify or start the b-main will not earn points for that event. No provisional starting positions will be available to drivers who miss events. 

S8.4 A full season is considered 10 start point counting starts. Drivers who do not compete in 10 events in their first season of competition may retain their Rookie of the Year status for their second season. 

Section 8 –  Points System
Race Winner: 43 Points
2nd: 42 Points
3rd: 41 Points
4th: 40 Points
5th: 39 Points
6th: 38 Points
7th: 37 Points
8th: 36 Points
9th: 35 Points
10: 34 Points
11: 33 Points
12: 32 Points
13: 31 Points
14: 30 Points
15: 29 Points
16: 28 Points
17: 27 Points
18: 26 Points
19: 25 Points
20: 24 Points

Section 8 –  Points System
21st: 23 Points
22nd: 22 Points
23rd: 21 Points
24th: 20 Points
25th: 19 Points
26th: 18 Points
27th: 17 Points
28th: 16 Points
29th: 15 Points
30th: 14 Points
31st: 13 Points
32nd: 12 Points
33rd: 11 Points
34th: 10 Points
35th: 9 Points
36th: 8 Points
37th: 7 Points
38th: 6 Points
39th: 5 Points
40th: 4 Points

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