The SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund and the SD Ireland Companies presents our premiere series, the Late Model Shootout Series. After battling cancer as a family, Kim and Scott Ireland decided to wage the war on a larger front and founded the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund in 1999 with the goal of beating the disease once and for all. 

Website; https://sdicancerresearch.org/
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County Road Custom Millwork is in it’s second season as the presenting sponsor of the Tuesday night Late Model Challenger Series. County Road Custom Millwork specializes in Woodworking, millwork, furniture building, cabinets, handmade signs, and much more! 

Website; https://www.countyroadcustom.com
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ButtKicker products are silent subwoofers that deliver powerful, inaudible bass through your couch or chair so that you can feel the crashes, racing engines, and special effects in your movies and games. Buttkicker will present each of our Super Late Model champions with a Gamer2 unit! 

Website; https://thebuttkicker.com/
Follow on Facebook: facebook.com/thebuttkicker

The International Short Track Association presents this season’s fast time award for the Monday night Late Model Shootout Series! The International Short Track Association is dedicated to the advancement of iRacing short track racing and bringing exposure to the hobby and its competitors! 

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Christian iRacers presents this season’s fast time award for the Tuesday night Late Model Challenger Series. Christian iRacers is a A community of Christian iRacers spreading the knowledge of Christ through sponsoring events and running the Christian iRacers logo and various bible scripture on their cars. Donations are used to grow the Christian iRacers community through sponsorship.

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Celebrity’s Hot Dogs of Asheville, North Carolina returns to host the Celebrity’s Hot Dogs 125! If your in the Asheville area stop by Celebrity’s for a great meal! Hotdogs are the ultimate race day food! 

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Superior Performance Motorsports returns with a new look and a new name to once again host our championship race night. SPM presents the season finale Superior Performance Motorsports 125 from the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway! SPM remains one of the top race teams on iRacing with it’s drivers dominating the short track racing scene all across the iRacing service!

Riverwood Acoustics returns as a presenting race sponsor. Riverwood Acoustics products are Handcrafted in Canada, these stunning home speakers are made from 1800’s reclaimed wood from the depths of the Ottawa River. This historic timber is ultra-dense and contains one of a kind grain pattern for acoustic bliss.

Website; https://www.riverwoodacoustics.com
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Lone Star eSpeed Shop returns to host two events this season! Lone Star eSpeed Shop offers free semi-custom wraps and paint schemes along with free setups, number fonts, and other goodies you will need for your sim racing library! 

Website; https://lonestarespeedshop.com/
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Shockeye12 Racing once again returns as an event sponsor. Shockeye12 Racing is run by Kent Hunley our resident “Setup Guru”. Kent will provide all the custom fixed setups. Want to learn more about iRacing? Follow Kent on twitch.tv as he competes across the iRacing service! 

Follow on Twitch.tv: Twitch.tv/shockeye12racing
Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/shockeye12racing

Revelry Sim Racing will once again be a presenting sponsor this season. Revelry will host the Revelry Sim Racing 100 from Myrtle Beach. Revelry Racing is an eMotorsports Sim Racing team that uses the iRacing Motorsport Simulation. Currently racing the super late model with an technical alliance from Superior Performance Motorsports. 

Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/revelrysimracing

Jeff Bye Jr Art will present the Gail Tomer Memorial “Pink Out” race this season. Jeff Bye Jr is a motorsports artist and an ITZR admin. Jeff Bye Jr specializes in fine art, t-shirt designs, and paint scheme and wrap work. 

Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/JeffByeJrArt

Maconi Setup Shop LLC joins as a new partner of ITZR. Maconi Setup Shop provides race setups for a wide variety of iRacing vehicles and series. At the Maconi Setup Shop, they may be our setups, but they are YOUR victories.

Website; https://www.maconisetupshop.com/
Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/MaconiSetupShop

Elite Performance Industries joins ITZR as an event sponsor of the Richmond Raceway Elite Performance Industries 80 this season! Elite Performance Industries provides race setups, driver coaching, paint schemes, and appeal for sim racers. Some of ITZR’s top racers offer their services through Elite! 

Website; https://eliteperformanceindustries.com/
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Brett Suggs joins ITZR as not only a new racer this season, but a new sponsor! BrettSuggs33 on Twitch.tv will present the South Boston 125 this season. Brett is a talented racer in the real world and virtual world and you can watch Brett compete live on his Twitch channel! 

Follow on Twitch.tv: Twitch.tv/brettsuggs33
Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/BrettSuggsRacing

LaDuke-Matthews Racing joins as new presenting sponsor, hosting this years event at Langley Speedway! LaDuke-Matthews Racing is not only one of the fastest iRacing short track teams, they also provide setups for a variety of iRacing short track vehicles. From the Tour Modified to Legend cars they can get you up to speed with setup help and 1 on 1 driver coaching!

Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/ladukematthewsracing1

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